How to prepare for your work week

Everyone, well most people, dread Mondays as it usually means returning to work. Even if you love your job it takes up the majority of your day and leaves little time for relaxing or doing the things you love. In my opinion, preparing for your workweek helps prioritize things that matter most to you and free up some valuable time that could be spent focusing on other things. Preparing clothes, meals, tasks, and self-care are a few of the things I like to do on Sundays before the week begins. I will share with you how and why I do this each week and how it helps me in hopes that it will help you as well.


This is by far the biggest time saver and helps me throughout the week. Picking out my outfits for each day of the week on Sunday saves me so much time when getting dressed in the mornings. Some things to consider when completing this task are; the weather, season, availability, etc. I check the weather app to scope out the highs and lows for the week. Once I can gauge how hot or cold it will be then I can choose an outfit for that day. When considering availability I just mean use what is already washed/clean. If you have to wash mid-prep it will make this task feel daunting and you will lose hope in the process from the start. By having my outfit for the day picked out I can sleep 10 minutes longer, as well as wake up and not rush through the getting ready process. This makes my mornings feel calm and I am ready to begin my day with positivity.


Just as you did with clothes/outfits you should do with your meals as well. Unless you plan to eat out every day. For those of us that like to save money, it is best to pack a lunch every day. I must put it out there that I am not a fan of meal prepping in the sense of cooking one meal for the entire week. I don’t like eating the same thing over and over again. So for my household, we like to plan out what meals we want to cook for the week. This saves the dreaded text “what do you want to eat tonight” and then no one knowing what they want. We usually pick 3 meals that will last two days each. For example, Sunday’s meal will be for Sunday and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday go together and so on. Anytime there is an open day I will plan to make a sandwich. Always pack your lunch each night before going to bed for a quick grab in the morning. Even though you are not cooking them all on a Sunday, just knowing what you plan to cook can save time. This also allows you to make a grocery list of the things you need to cook these meals. I usually use the Walmart app and either schedule a pick up or drop off on my way home from work.

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The Big Rocks

I always take a moment to assess what’s going on during the week and map/plan out the big rocks. I get this metaphor from the seven habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey. In particular Habit 3 “put first things first” is where you would figure out what things are the most important and schedule time to get those things done. These could be tasks for your job, home, personal, marriage, etc. Write it down and set a time to get it done! This helps in making sure you accomplish the important things first and minimizes the distractions that arise that we may think are dire at the moment only to realize later that you didn’t really get anything done. This one may seem like it’s not worth the time but I challenge you to try it out and stick with it for a week and then decide.

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All About Me Time

Finally, I like to make sure that I find the time to do things that make me happy. Things like watching a good movie/show, taking a long bubble bath, treating myself to light shopping, etc. This allows me to not focus so much on getting ready for the dreaded work week and actually wind down and relax. We know that we love to see Friday arrive but the weekend seems over in a snap. Taking time to do the things that you enjoy can help you feel more at ease. Also, it allows time to create moments and memories that last.

I hope you can find something in this blog that can help you in your day to day life. Like I said before, these are things that help me prepare for my week. I truly believe that it can help you as well. If you find that something was helpful I would love to hear about it. Feel free to comment and share with others.

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