Seaux Let’s Brunch

Seaux this year I was determined to celebrate my birthday but was not very motivated to create some elaborate party or spend tons of money to do so. I kept reminding myself that we are in the middle (or end) of a pandemic which meant that I shouldn’t be exposed to large crowds. Also, I must remember to save money and not spend it. After pondering all of this I said, “let’s brunch”!

Here is a step by step break down of how I created a simple event that created memories that will last me a lifetime.

Thirty ONEderful Brunch

I began planning my brunch by deciding on a few key factors.

  • How many guests would I have attending this event? (6 including myself)
  • How much was I willing to spend on food and decor. (under $500)
  • Brunch Theme. (Thirty ONE-derful)

I knew this event had to be small because I was hosting it in my home which was perfect because I was able to save money on every aspect of the event. Let’s break it down by category;


I knew for decor basics I only needed a backdrop, table, tablescape, and 6 chairs. My husband and I got to work and searched through many stores to find the best prices for items that would enhance the brunch decor. We were already in the process of decorating our home and needed a few things from the store At Home. While there we lucked upon a few key items that we needed. We found the following items; gold chargers, gold confetti stemless wine glasses, individually wrapped utensils, off white confetti plates, off white table cloth, along with confetti napkins.

It’s safe to say we hit the jackpot at this home decor store and everything was either on sale or on clearance. We spent less than $50 on all of these items which made for a pretty nice tablescape. From there we only needed a few more items to complete the decor. From here I went to the dollar tree in the hopes that I find a few rare gems to complete my look. I found these gold leaf trays, pink and gold votive candle holders along with some clean linen scented candles, and clear flute vases. I spent around $15-$20 on these items. I was able to find a table runner (overlay) from amazon for $15.00 as well as a rose gold balloon garland which included 152 pieces for only $19.

Having such an amazing husband (bragging moment) I was able to have a custom-built backdrop that I would be able to use over and over again. That, in my book, is priceless however it was an additional expense. All of the materials came from home depot and he used PVC piping and fittings which only cost $15 and some minor labor and brainpower. From there we went to Joann’s fabric store and purchased some plain off-white fabric to cover the piping which cost us about $25 for 6 yards.


This was a brunch which meant we wanted a combination of breakfast and lunch. Our menu consisted of a melody of fruit, shrimp and grits, bacon, chicken and waffles, and scrambled eggs. We hired a chef to come in a cook for us to take the stress off of us which was the best decision ever. Now, initially, I was thinking there is no way we can afford to hire a chef for this event but I’m glad I did my research to find that many caterers/chefs are reasonably priced for events such as this. You can have a private chef for 6 people and pay around $200 depending on the level of expertise and quality of the presentation.

The food was amazing!

In total I spent about $145 on decoration and $200 on food. This gave my entire event a grand total of $345! This was much less than I intended to spend on a party. My original plan was to take a vacation and that would have cost double if not triple that amount. I found that taking my time and searching for the right items worked in my favor. I borrowed a table and chairs from my parents and sent out digital invitations and I wasn’t afraid to get dirty and do little DIY projects to save even more money.

Seaux here are your simple event planning tips to remember

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