4 back to school tips for parents

It’s that time of year again. You know, Back to school time. The end of the summer where parents are ready and eager to get their little ones on the bus and into the classrooms. Or for those parent with first starters that may not be as ready as they thought. Either way the key word in both statements is READY. It is so important to plan and get not just your kids ready for the new year but yourself as well. Being prepared will help the kiddos feel more at ease about getting back into the classroom with as little anxiety and first day jitters as possible.

#1 Positive Talk

Encouragement goes a long way. Be sure that you are speaking positive things about your child’s school, teacher, and anything in between. Believe it or not children listen and absorb everything they hear and that includes anything negative you may say concerning them. If you are complaining about the amount of school supplies the school requested may make your child feel like they aren’t worth having good supplies to use at school. Try changing your language and saying something like “your teacher is planning some cool things if you need this many supplies”. It will make your child a little more excited about the process. Some other positive language examples are:

“you are going to have an awesome year”

“Your teacher is going to love having you in his/her class”

“All of these new clothes! You are really going to be styling this year”

#2 Scheduling

Make sure you sit down and write everything out on a calendar to be sure you don’t miss anything. This includes school take in and out times, holidays, professional development days, early dismissals, extra curricular activities etc. As the parent, your schedule is important as well so remember to put your important things on the calendar to see if anything conflicts ahead of time to reduce any possibility of stress in the future. My go to tool is google calendar because it links to my email. Which makes it easier to add items to my calendar without having to stop what I’m doing to make it happen.

#3 Before/ during/ and After school meals and snacks

Okay, so this may be the toughest part of back to school when it comes to getting kids ready for school. Cooking breakfast, preparing snacks, as well as lunch can be a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. If your child doesn’t enjoy eating the food that the cafeteria prepares for them and you are able to create lunch for them think simple. Sit down and make a list of all the foods that your child loves to eat. After the list is complete then map out for the month what you will send each day. Depending on your household eating preference it’s quicker to prep a bag of chips and juice or fruit and healthy beverage for each day to add with the main portion. Once you know what you are preparing for each day you can add the non refrigerated items to a cloth shoe rack for storage to separate them by day.

#4 Clothing (my favorite must do)

Iron on Sunday for the week, or pick a day that works best for you. Most child size clothing can be gotten out the dryer and folded to prevent ironing. Here in Louisiana most schools require some sort of uniform so that takes the hassle out of picking out an outfit. Also consider it a teachable moment if your kiddos are old enough to use an iron. This helps me as an adult so much because when I get off of work I am too tired to pick work clothes and iron them. Being able to wake up and have everything prepared is a must for this educator (me)!

So there you have it 4 simple ways to get started on the right track this school year. If you already do these things that’s great! If not, then it’s not too late to start implementing some routines for your family.

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